Educational Services

STEAMporio specializes in providing K-12 schools with professional development for teachers and administrators, value-added educational services for students, and assistance with fulfilling curriculum standards.

Professional Development

Understanding that a teacher's time is often limited, STEAMporio provides flexible professional development options that prepare educators on how to utilize state-of-the-art technology in their classroom. Elements of the training include:

  • Operation/Routine Maintenance of 3D Printers for Classroom Use.
  • Curriculum Integration and Modernization.
  • Professional Development Hours Certification.

Student Workshops

Our mission is to inspire the Makers of Tomorrow and our in-classroom workshops is where we create a passion for learning. Equipped with our cutting-edge curriculum, STEAMporio's trained associates enter into every classroom ready to spark the imaginations of students. Components of the workshops include:

  • CAD Beginner Training (TinkerCAD).
  • Engineering Design Process.
  • Guided DIY Projects.

With our mix of professional development, student workshops and other educational services, STEAMporio is ready to work with any school to help students achieve their dreams in the modern economy.