Students discover potential of wind energy with KidWind Challenge - SIGN UP NOW!

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One of the top national programs to get kids excited and engaged with wind energy technology, the KidWind Challenge is currently accepting submissions from middle and high school students.
According to the challenge, there are three basic steps to participating:
  • PLAN your team and your turbine, and do background research.
  • BUILD an innovative and functional turbine that will produce a lot of power.
  • TEST your turbine and calculate its power output to improve your design.
A team may consist of between 1–10 students, anyone between 4th–12th grade can compete in the KidWind Challenge split between two divisions (4th–8th grade and 9th–12th grade).  Each team needs an adult coach - teacher, parent, etc. -  for every ten students competing.

For our friends in the Western Massachusetts region, the closest challenge will be held in Schenectady, NY, on March 17, 2018. Check out the video below or visit the KidWind Challenge website for further information.

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