Enter STEAMporio's Open-Source Curriculum Challenge for a chance to WIN a Classroom 3D Printing Package

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Are you a teacher or administrator looking to bring 3D printing to your school? If so, STEAMporio's Open-Source Curriculum Challenge offers a chance to win a classroom 3D printing package while working to make the technology accessible to ALL students!

Accepting submissions nationwide until June 1, 2018, the Open-Source Curriculum Challenge is FREE to enter and the prizes include:

1st Place - One Classroom 3D Printing Setup which includes a MP Maker Select V2 and 5 Spools of Zyltech PLA.

2nd Place - 5 Spools of Zyltech PLA filament.

3rd Place - Have your Curriculum’s 3D printed components printed by us and sent to you!

The criteria and requirements of the challenge are as follows:

1. Teachers and administrators must develop and submit a lesson plan/module that demonstrates how they would use a 3D printer in the classroom.

2. All submissions will be considered open source and hosted on our website for others to access in google drive format.

**STEAMporio reserves the right to reject submissions considered inappropriate**

3. Submissions will be judged based off the practicality and adaptability of the lesson plan/module.

Entries that are straightforward, practical for the average classroom and easily adaptable into a school's broader curriculum will be rated higher. Lesson plans and modules that are difficult to understand and/or hard to incorporate will be rated lower.

An example of an ideal submission - which cannot be used for this challenge - would be a simple-to-understand lesson plan that instructs students on how to design, print and merchandise keychains. 

The goal of STEAMporio's Open-Source Curriculum Challenge is to create a platform where teachers across America can easily access a lesson plan and incorporate it in both their classroom and/or after-school program - for FREE - while utilizing 3D printing technology.

To make a submission please click here. If you have any questions regarding the challenge please email Alfredo Orejuela at alfredo@steamporio.com.

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